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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Our Berkey® Monthly Newsletter

Posted by NMCL Employee on

5 good reasons to sign up for our newsletter

We aim to provide timely, informative articles and water-related information truly worthy of your inbox. Here’s what you can expect.

#1: In-Depth Water Education

Through understanding you will be in a powerful position to better control what you and your friends or family consume. We cover infrastructure, specific contaminants and important preparedness topics such as:

  • Lead
  • Radiologicals
  • PFCs
  • E. coli
  • Boil orders
  • Hurricane prep
  • Hurricane recovery
  • Winter preparedness
  • Water infrastructure in the US
  • How to evaluate gravity filters

#2: Timely System Information

When we find out about the latest concerns, such as news covering microplastics or cryptosporidium, we use the newsletter to communicate with Berkey® System users. Be confident that you are working with the latest information.

#3: Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Enjoy the exclusive offers reserved for our email subscribers, and learn about unique products and opportunities we have available.

#4: Share-Worthy

Share practical, life-changing information that may positively affect how those you care about plan for emergencies and control the water they consume.

#5: Private and Hassle-Free

We do not share or sell emails. We do not spam or bombard your inbox with frequent messages. You can quickly opt out of our emails at any time. We respect our subscribers.