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Meet Chris and Rebecca Lioi of PureWater4Kids

By Chelesa Creager There are millions of children all over the planet who don’t have the option to turn on a faucet to get their water. After meeting many of these children on a mission trip, Chris and Rebecca Lioi decided to change those children’s lives. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Chris and [...]

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Hurricane Maria: When Bottles Run Out

Providing relief with bottled water presents an ongoing challenge- fuel use, transport challenges and waste. Berkey® Systems provide purified water anywhere.

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10/10/2017 Important: Large Berkey® Stainless Steel Stands are Out of Stock

We are out of stock on Large Berkey® Stainless Steel Stands immediately.We do not have an approximate date on when we will have the Large Berkey® Stainless Steel Stands back in stock. We will update this News site when we receive new inventory. Thank you

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Tropical Depression Forms in Caribbean; Likely to Impact Gulf Coast this Weekend as a Hurricane

"The ferocious 2017 hurricane season shows no signs of letting up. A newly formed tropical depression now spinning in the Caribbean Sea is forecast to move north into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday." Read ArticleBe prepared in advance of a hurricane with a Berkey® system. Black [...]

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After the Hurricane: Contaminated Flood Water Precautions

When a hurricane is predicted make landfall, being prepared with an adequate supply of clean drinking water ahead of the storm becomes a priority for most people. When flood waters recede however, the danger is not necessarily over. Residents are faced with a new and daunting challenge - the contaminated water left behind. We’ll examine [...]

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Hurricane Preparedness: A Plan for Potable Water

During and after a hurricane, access to clean drinking water can quickly become a major concern. Water supplies are often compromised and water frequently becomes undrinkable or stops flowing. That’s why the most important thing you can do to be prepared for a hurricane is to start planning well in advance of such an event. [...]

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Special Offer For Those Who May Be Impacted by Hurricane Irma - Sport Berkey® Bottle

Have you or a loved one’s water been impacted by Hurricane Irma?The 22 oz. Sport Berkey® bottle can filter water in normal environments as well as raw, untreated water during an emergency. It’s a durable, convenient and handy water survival tool when accessible drinking water becomes urgent.One Sport Berkey® bottle provides up to 160 refills using raw and untreated water [...]

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Special Offer For Those Who May Be Impacted by Hurricane Irma - Berkey® Systems

Have you or a loved one’s water been affected by Hurricane Irma?In situations where your water system has been temporarily compromised, Berkey® systems shine. Not only do the Black Berkey® Purification Elements purify water in normal environments, they can even purify raw, untreated water during an emergency.For a limited time, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is offering free two-day shipping with [...]

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Holiday Closing

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. will be closed on 9/4/2017 in observance of Labor Day.

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Imperial Berkey® Systems Out of Stock

We are currently out of stock on our Imperial Berkey® Systems. We expect to have them back in stock within the next four weeks. Please check back here for availability. We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-888-803-4438. Thank you.

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