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EPA warns of lead in water in East Chicago

When federal officials revived a long-delayed cleanup of toxic soil in East Chicago last year, they discovered that decades of factory emissions weren't the only source of brain-damaging lead endangering the Indiana community.High lead levels continue to arise in municipal water sources across the United States.  Why take a chance with unknown heavy metals in [...]

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Detroit boil water advisory: What you need to know

A large portion of Detroit – including downtown, Midtown, Hamtramck and Highland Park - is under a boil water advisory and is expected to continue until possibly Friday morning.A boil water advisory only comes after the contamination has been found.  Placing a final barrier between unknown contaminants and your drinking water is crucial.  The Black [...]

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Bucolic Valley Ford faces water problems linked to dairies

VALLEY FORD - Restaurants in bucolic Valley Ford serve up local seafood and farm-raised beef. But don’t ask for local water.You never know when your water will be labeled "unfit to drink"  Keep your drinking water pure amidst unsavory conditions with a Berkey® System!Find your system here.Full article.

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Boil water alert in place for Royal Utility customers in Coral Springs

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Royal Utility customers in Coral Springs are under a boil water alert until Friday evening or until the Health Department clears the affected area, officials said.Our Black Berkey® Purification Elements are able to remove both bacterial and viral contaminants by up to  99.9 percent! Drink with confidence with a Berkey® System.Find the system [...]

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Ostensibly, the purpose of adding the fluoride to public drinking water supplies is to improve dental health in the community, yet even the U.S. Government had to modify this claim by lowering the national fluoride levels in 2015, citing increases in dental fluorosis.Municipal water sources don't plan on removing fluoride anytime soon.  It's imperative to [...]

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Lead, Copper, Bacteria Found in School Water: Lab Results

Lab results revealed high levels of lead, copper and potentially deadly bacteria in the drinking water at one school in the San Ysidro Elementary School District, NBC 7 has learned.The safety of your children is paramount, and their drinking water is encompassed by this.  The Sport Berkey® Bottle is a portable filtration system capable of removing [...]

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Affordable water may soon dry up, especially if you live here

Remember this number: $120. It’s the average monthly water bill in America.Researchers at Michigan State University predict this figure will rise by $49 over the next five years. And if it does, water may become unaffordable for one-third of American households, according to a study, published recently in PLOS ONE, that maps the U.S. areas [...]

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Lead in Flint, Mich., water below federal limits, still not drinkable

Jan. 24 (UPI) -- After years of tap water in Flint, Michigan being too dangerous to drink, a state monitoring agency said Tuesday that lead levels have dropped below federal action levels, suggesting the water is on its way back to being drinkable -- but not quite yet.Just because contaminant levels are below the federal [...]

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Drinking water in north Louisiana town tests high for lead, copper

BATON ROUGE -- St. Joseph residents are urged to find an alternative source for drinking water after Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a public health emergency Friday (Dec. 16) for the north Louisiana town.Our Black Berkey® Purification Elements are rated to remove lead and other heavy metals by 99%.  Place a final barrier between you and [...]

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90 St. Joseph buildings show unacceptable lead levels in water

BATON ROUGE, La. (Governor's Office) - Update: Louisiana's chief health officer is warning St. Joseph residents to not drink the water, even if their water does not show lead contamination.The Black Berkey® Purification Elements have been rated to remove 99.9% of lead from your drinking water.  Read the whole list of contaminants that can be [...]

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