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Special Offer For Those Who May Be Impacted by Hurricane Irma - Sport Berkey® Bottle

Posted by NMCL Employee on

Have you or a loved one’s water been impacted by Hurricane Irma?

The 22 oz. Sport Berkey® bottle can filter water in normal environments as well as raw, untreated water during an emergency. It’s a durable, convenient and handy water survival tool when accessible drinking water becomes urgent.

One Sport Berkey® bottle provides up to 160 refills using raw and untreated water or up to 27.5 gallons before replacement is recommended. That’s equivalent to nearly 9 cases of bottled water. Additionally, the replaceable filter element makes the Sport Berkey® bottle a long- term, more economical and less wasteful solution to bottled water.

For a limited time, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is offering a discount on Sport Berkey® bottles being shipped to areas affected by Hurricane Irma:

  • 5% off the purchase of 2 bottles with free 2 day shipping
  • 10% off the purchase of 4 bottles with free 2 day shipping
  • 15% off the purchase of 6 bottles with free 2 day shipping

Please call our Customer Service Center at 888-803-4438 to place an order or for more details.

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