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Tropical Depression Forms in Caribbean; Likely to Impact Gulf Coast this Weekend as a Hurricane

Posted by NMCL Author on

"The ferocious 2017 hurricane season shows no signs of letting up. A newly formed tropical depression now spinning in the Caribbean Sea is forecast to move north into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen into a hurricane by the weekend, the National Hurricane Center said Wednesday." 

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Be prepared in advance of a hurricane with a Berkey® system. Black Berkey® Purification Elements purify water in normal environments and even purify raw, untreated water during an emergency.

For a limited time, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is offering free two-day shipping with the purchase of any Berkey® System being shipped to areas that may be impacted by this impending hurricane. Please call our Customer Service Center at 888-803-4438 to place an order or for more details.

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