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  • "7.5" Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot for Travel Berkey® System and Big Berkey® System

*"7.5" Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigot for Travel Berkey® System and Big Berkey® System

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Product Description

  • Allows instant reading of the water level in the lower chamber of your stainless steel Berkey® System
  • Available in three sizes based on the system you own:
    • 7.5" - For Travel Berkey® System and Big Berkey® System
    • 10" - For Royal Berkey® System
    • 13" - For Imperial Berkey® and Crown Berkey™ Systems
  • The glass tube of the spigot can be easily cleaned with soap and water as needed
  • Includes two washers and a wingnut
  • All systems come standard with a basic spigot; the sight glass spigot is an upgrade purchase
  • Constructed of high-quality materials and made in the USA

Product Reviews

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  1. Berkey Sight Glass is Awesome

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    The Berkey Sight Glass makes it so you don't have to open the Berkey by lifting the heavy top section off to gage how much water is left inside. An absolute essential piece of equipment, especially if you use the Big Berkey everyday in your home for tasks like filling your Coffee Maker! It is even more handy if you have elderly parents living in your home who can't lift to top of the Berkey.....Worth the investment!

  2. Seeing is believing

    Posted by on

    This product makes a world of difference. You don't have to pick up the top unit to look inside. Wonderful! Only "Semi" complaint is that the spigot handle is plastic. I hope it lasts.

  3. A Must Have

    Posted by on

    The glass spigots are a must have. It just makes it easier to know the water level at a glance.

  4. Necessary

    Posted by on

    If you have or are getting a Berkey, get one of these. Eliminates the need to open the bottom container and you'll never overflow. A solid purchase.

  5. Recommended!

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    If you have committed to a Berkey, you can go the extra 2 feet for this.
    Helps you to not overfill and always know where you stand if you have plans to use extra water.
    You never want to access the bottom part of your Berkey unless you absolutely must (avoid contamination).

  6. A must have

    Posted by on

    I love my water purifier. I highly recommend getting the sight glass so you can always see where the water level is at. Don't worry about paying the $49 because you'll have your Berkey for years.

  7. 7.5" sight glass spigot for Travel Big Berkey System

    Posted by on

    I had used my Big Berkey water filter for several years without the sight glass spigot. NOW I KNOW HOW GREAT IT IS TO HAVE THE SIGHT GLASS !!

  8. Easy to read

    Posted by on

    I sometimes would over fill my Berkey.
    This makes it easier and I don't have a mess to clean up!
    Worth the purchase.