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Authorized Berkey® Dealers

Berkey® products are available through Authorized Berkey® Dealers online direct, through marketplaces, and in stores. We also maintain a list of international Authorized Berkey® Dealers by region. Be sure to look for the Authorized Berkey® Dealer Badge when shopping.

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Only Buy Authentic

There is no substitution for Berkey® quality. Avoid filters that claim to be “compatible” with Berkey® systems. Black Berkey® Elements are long-lasting, made in the USA and have been independently tested by third-party labs. Choose proven Berkey® products for both off-grid purposes and everyday effectiveness. Always look for Berkey® product packaging and the official hologram.

Buy Only Authentic Berkey® Products


Buyer Beware

This important information covers "How NOT to Buy." Watch out for unauthorized dealers, imitations, counterfeits, and false or misleading information. We have compiled several articles to help you stay informed and vigilant. For example, Warning: Counterfeit & Imitation Water Filters May Be Hazardous to Your Health and Don’t Fall for “It Fits, So It’s a Replacement.”

Additional Buyer Beware Notices