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Authorized Berkey® Dealers

Berkey® products are available through Authorized Berkey® Dealers online direct, through marketplaces, and in stores. We also maintain a list of international Authorized Berkey® Dealers by region. Be sure to look for the Authorized Berkey® Dealer Badge when shopping.

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Only Buy Authentic

There is no substitution for Berkey® quality. Avoid filters that claim to be “compatible” with Berkey® systems. Black Berkey® Elements are long-lasting, made in the USA and have been independently tested by third-party labs. Choose proven Berkey® products for both off-grid purposes and everyday effectiveness. Always look for Berkey® product packaging and the official hologram.

Buy Only Authentic Berkey® Products



There are a growing number of counterfeit Berkey® filters on the market. Read our guide that explains how to know for sure that your Black Berkey® Elements are authentic. You can see samples of counterfeit versus authentic product, plus learn what to do if you are sold a counterfeit.

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