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Thank you so much. We already recommend your product to our family and friends but will be doing so with even more enthusiasm because of your excellent customer service...We hate buying bottled water (especially for our children) and your product has been a wonderful addition to our lives.

Rama M., Hawaii

Thank you for the great product. I used this product in a team house after the earthquake in Haiti. It was great.

Blair H., Kansas

It is a pleasure doing business with an ethical company!

Rev Keith L. Pennsylvania

I have received the product and am extremely pleased with it. I congratulate you on your excellent service and top quality product. I hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Frances, UK

I love the taste of the water!!!

Debra S. Oregon

I used one of your filters some years ago in the Peace Corps and currently have one in my home in the event that there is a lack of clean drinking water and would use nothing else.

Kris R., Pennsylvania

I've purchased two Travel Berkey's® and one Berkey® Lite, and given several sport bottles for gifts. My best girlfriend took one of the sport bottles to Ecuador last spring and went on a journey into the mountainous jungle. She only drank water from her sport bottle, and as a result, was the only person on the tour who didn't get sick. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

L. Terry, Colorado


Our Berkey is fantastic! The Berkeys we've given away have met true needs. A friend of ours in Zimbabwe was moved to an internment camp because a government (UN and other NGO project, to be precise) dam project put his house underwater. He specifically mentioned how blessed they were by the water purifier. Thank you so much for your help and for making such a great product available to us.