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We Appreciate Our Customers' Feedback:

Short version of a much longer story - my wife and I were visiting our son's family in Puerto Rico and were unable to leave before Hurricane Maria. As did most of the island, we lost running water due to storm damage with no hope of regaining service for months We fled our town and headed to San Juan to try to get off the island. Thankfully, our son's family had been using a Big Berkey for their drinking water. We packed it with us and used it while staying with a family with a cistern. We were able to supply safe, clean water to our family and others thanks to your Berkey.

Chuck A. Pennsylvania

Thank you so much. We already recommend your product to our family and friends but will be doing so with even more enthusiasm because of your excellent customer service...We hate buying bottled water (especially for our children) and your product has been a wonderful addition to our lives.

Rama M., Hawaii

Thank you for the great product. I used this product in a team house after the earthquake in Haiti. It was great.

Blair H., Kansas

It is a pleasure doing business with an ethical company!

Rev Keith L. Pennsylvania

I have received the product and am extremely pleased with it. I congratulate you on your excellent service and top quality product. I hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Frances, UK

I love the taste of the water!!!

Debra S. Oregon

I used one of your filters some years ago in the Peace Corps and currently have one in my home in the event that there is a lack of clean drinking water and would use nothing else.

Kris R., Pennsylvania

Our Berkey is fantastic! The Berkeys we've given away have met true needs. A friend of ours in Zimbabwe was moved to an internment camp because a government (UN and other NGO project, to be precise) dam project put his house underwater. He specifically mentioned how blessed they were by the water filter system. Thank you so much for your help and for making such a great product available to us. 


Thank you for providing water filtering product convenience everywhere. I own two of your sport bottles and enjoy the water outdoor. Only dews on plants I trust to drink, thank you for giving me another way to drink water. 



I was amazed today when I looked out on my front porch and saw the big box containing a Berkey water filter and even a Sports Berkey filter. Thank you so so much!!!!! My parents and I will really put this to use and we will surely enjoy it. I can't thank you enough really, for this wonderful gift. I appreciate it so much. God bless you all and good luck with everything. 

Dave S.


I have been using my Big Berkey for a month now and I'm extremely satisfied with the taste and feel of my water....I love drinking tea, high quality tea that is, which requires good water... 

Mimir M.


This is to a man who is coming out to Thailand where we live right now. We have been very pleased with our Berkey Water Filter which we have used for many years now! Thank you! 

Debra M.


I love the quality of the water that comes out of the Berkey and it has saved me from buying lots of bottled water....considering I drink a gallon of water a day even before coffee is made, cats are watered, food is made, etc. 

Leslie S.

New York 

I like the fact that Berkey's can filter large quantities of water... 

Jerry T.

Thank you so much I LOVE this water filter, it litterally has changed my life. 


So I have my Berkey Water filter tank going and I keep it full. The other night, I filled a glass with tap water and another glass with water from my Berkey tank. I told my son (Ryan) I wanted him to see if he could tell me which was tap water and which was filtered? I didn’t tell him which glass was which. He sipped the tap water and then sipped the Berkey filtered water and immediately lifted the glass with Berkey water and said "filtered!". I took the glasses back to the kitchen so my daughter (Jordan) wouldn’t see which glass was which and I went back to the living room. I handed both glasses to my daughter. She just sniffed the water from the tap and then the water from my Berkey water filter and immediately lifted the Berkey glass and said "filtered!". She said she can tell the difference just by smelling them. She said "the tap water smells like water and the filtered water has no smell at all." Oh, my kids told me to tell you thank you very much for the Berkey Sport Bottles. They both use them, especially Ryan who works out every day. Thanks again for the water filter systems!!! 

Rodger D.


My Berkey is amazing and I am shocked to see what is filtered out of my tap water. I live in Long Beach, NY and Hurricane Sandy hit my city hard. I was thankful to have my Berkey during those tough times. Also the customer service I received was top notch, they got back to me right away and answered all my concerns. It is a great filter and I am telling everyone I know that they need one! 

Peter R.

New York 

Thanks for the great news about my CRN order!...Also thanks for all you do and the excellent support you provide to me and, I'm sure, all of your Berkey Distributors! 

Mike B.


We were given a Berkey Light for Christmas this past year. We have really enjoyed the taste of the water from this filter, as well as knowing our water is healthier. We have a filter on our refrigerator, but the taste is not nearly as good. 

Christina S.


We LOVE our Big Berkey!!! 

Constance R.


We love our Berkey and always tell anyone who will listen about how great it is. 

Angel Z.


My wife and I recently ordered some products from Marissa and she gave me the most professional, kind, and informative service.

Also we received the very generous missionary discount which was a huge blessing for us as we are working and saving our money to attend a bible school next year in Taiwan with youth with a mission (organization we are a part of) so that really blessed us too.

Lastly we wanted to tell you we LOVE our berkeywater products and the water taste is perfect. God bless. 

Nate and Charlene


Paul and I just arrived back in Africa, and before we could even unpack our bags, we had a Zimbabwean pastor stay with us. We shipped the large Berkeys, but had a few of the bottles in our checked baggage. We were already able to pass one along to him. Thanks again for your help. 

Paul and Melinda S.


I wanted to thank Marissa for all she has done, as I was looking for an adapter for my solar panel I gave up and called the manufacture. I spoke to Marissa and ask if she can help me obtain this part. She told me to give her some time to call around her warehouse to see if the part was available. Not expecting a call back, I gave up and was not expecting anything from the manufacture. Later, Marissa gave me a call and told me that I would receive the part with a confirmation number. I was so please with her services and wanted to thank the company for going above and beyond just to help find a small part. 

Ron F.


I just wanted to let you know that Debbie did some great work handling a couple of my customers this week. They were not easy situations and the customers were not easy to work with, but I was 3-wayed in on both calls and listened to her work magic with them. I just wanted to let you know I was really happy with her support. 

Dan D.

New Jersey 

I wish to express my appreciation to your customer service specialist, Marissa. On January 17th, I called to get help replacing my Black Berkey water filters which had broken. I was not in a very good mood that morning but Marissa helped me and was very courteous during her ordeal with me. I let her know how much I appreciated her help and that I think she is doing a great job handling "grumpy" customers. Please give her a reward for a job well done! I would appreciate that very much! Also, I thank you for the great water filters. I feel that my drinking water is much safer to consume. 



I love the Berkey products and have always had great success with them. 

Kerri U.

New Mexico 

Thank you Ladi, and thank you for the fantastic customer service, which is consistent with reputation of your company.

Please give my compliments to your management team--they uphold the strong reputation of Berkey, which is well deserved. Your products serve many people who are working for good in places that can be hard to live, so thank you. 

Ty H.


Thanks Michael for the quick response. I always enjoyed your great customer service. It's not a trait many have these days. Thanks! 

Peter B.


I live in Austin...I have a Berkey and just love it. 

Rita R.


I've had my Big Berkey for about 13 years, & love it.... 

Bob G.


I love our Berkey Light. We've had it for several years-and have absolutely no complaints about it at all. 

Diane E.


I have a Berkey and I love it! 

Alia P.


I have a big berkey system. We Love it. 

Linda M.

Michigan wife sends her appreciation to you for the system and the sport bottle. 



We are thoroughly satisfied with how we are treated by your company. You are hands down the best customer service that I deal with! And I am so thankful for that. 

Kaleigh M.


We purchased a black berkey water filtration system about a year ago. We have loved the product and have gotten great results... 

Chris R.


We have a Travel Berkey that we have been using regularly for about 2 months now. It is great and we love it! 

Meg S.

Washington, DC 

We value your products, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with you guys (especially Deb...she's outstanding). 

Chris K.


Thank you Michael for being so accommodating. I really love the way you handle our account! 

Isis K.


I love your water filtration products and now that I have used them I would find it impossible to do without them... 

Michael H.


We bought our Travel Berkey in (Feb 2011) and have absolutely loved the convenience of it... 

Sharon A.


By the way we love the Berkey, we live in Florida and have well water and it's not drinkable otherwise. 

Paula W.


You sent these replacement filters a long time ago and and I never got around to saying "thanks" and right now I just want to thank you and make note of the exceptional customer service you've provided. So yeah, thanks a lot! 

Carl M.


Thanks for all your support; you are an excellent customer service team. 

Carol C.


We recently purchased your product and had an issue with the filter element (the glue did not hold). I called customer service, spoke with Debbie, and was immediately promised a replacement. Problem resolved in two minutes! No transfers, very polite and helpful representative, and a great product. A pleasure doing business with you. Thank you. 

Keith H.


First let me thank you so very much for sending out the replacement parts. My budget this trip is tight like the rest of the world's economy, but God has been supplying all my needs, including this one! Thanks again. Also, me drinking at the Orphanage. The director was skeptical, but when I boldly drank the first glass she toasted me and the filter. This trip, I will build a solar hot water heater and pipe hot and cold water to the kitchen. Another organization is installing a basic chlorination plant (100 l batch plant) for their washing water, and the Berkey will remove everything from their drinking water. The folks in developing countries adapt to conditions we would find appalling, yet all over Ethiopia I see Christians doing little projects that make a big difference. I drank exclusively from the two Berkey light filters last year during my month in Ethiopia and never had so much as an upset stomach. 

Bob M.


...we have our Royal Berkey System in our home and love, love, LOVE it! It'squite possibly been the best purchase for our home. My three older children love using it and have never been so well hydrated. 

Cindy M.


Just a quick note to thank you sooo much again for getting us our new Crown Berkey. We FINALLY just opened it today. 

Jeff K.


It is a pleasure doing business with an ethical company!  

Rev Keith L.


Just got the replacement filters today. They are amazing!...This is one happy customer. Thank you for great customer care! 

Annette H.

New York City 

Thank you for everything. I appreciate the good customer service and the way you were able to get the new filters to me in just a few days. 

Philip B.


Thank you so much. We already recommend your product to our family and friends but will be doing so with even more enthusiasm because of your excellent customer service...We hate buying bottled water (especially for our children) and your product has been a wonderful addition to our lives. 

Rama M.


Just got off the phone. I Wanted to say that you're absolutely the sweetest dealer rep I've ever dealt with for any company...You always make me feel important and get everything I ask for done even though you've got a million other things going on. Just wanted to say thanks :) 

Joe B.


Thank you for the great product. I used this product in a team house after the earthquake in Haiti. It was great. 

Blair H.

Kansas I am to give a big thank you to my wonderful tasty dripping well water filters it is so nice to drink fresh water again. I know that I am only here temporarily but I am thankful for clean water. Again, I want to thank you and thank you for sending water filters to the folk of Japan. 

Enasa J.


Deb You're Amazing! We appreciate all you do for us! 

Jody G.


Thanks for the great customer service & instructions/diagram. 

Cynthia N.


I just wanted to thank you for your help. I just installed the new spigot & it works great! I can't thank you enough for the fast acting on your part. I will be using your product for years to come & will talk about your products and good service to all my family & friends 

Richard L.

New York 

I love the product and your customer service! 

Beverly C.


Thanks so much! The system actually arrived during the elections! Due to power failure, I had to use water out of the pool, as we have a well...the thing paid off the first day!...Everyone I know has this unit in one size or another. I'll be sending others to you as well. This is a MUST HAVE!!  



I Have received the product and am extremely pleased with it. I congratulate you on your excellent service and top quality product. I hope to do business with you again in the near future. 



Thank you for great customer service... 

Donna L.


...I have a big berkey and I love it... 



BTW, I love Berkey water! 

Philip S.


I just want you to know what a pleasure it is to do business, not only, with a company that is based and makes their products in America, but that also has some of the best consumer based customer service around!  

Jennifer R.


Thank you for your call, I know that you are all quality employees and work extremely hard... 

Cindy H.


...I love the taste of the water!!! 

Debra S.


I purchased a Berkey Light Water System from April at the Bulk Herb Store. I LOVE IT! I have also got 2 other family members to purchase them also. They are loving them too. What a great system. 

Carrie R.


Purchased Berkey Light system (with the two black Berkey elements) in January, 2009 & have been using it for our daily drinking water since then. We love your product & plan on using it from now on, no more RO (reverse osmosis) water. 

Susan W.


My wife and I love the flavor of the water this unit produces, our water supplier has a chlorination station within a ¼ mile of our home and it has been hell all these years. We have purchased distilled water from 2000 until we received our Berkey. 

Terry G.


We have had our Big Berkey for a little over a year now and love it! We use it everyday for our family's drinking/cooking water. 

Jonathan L.


I have an Imperial Berkey I have used for years and love. Over the years I have had zero problems with your white ceramic filters...  

Arnold B.


To the best of my knowledge, Berkeys are not sold on island. I purchased mine several years ago by mail order (and have been very pleased with it!). I subsequently induced two other neighbors to purchase units, but most people here do not know about them. 

Merry Y.


I have owned a Big Berkey for about 10 years. We bought it 1999 just in case, like a lot of people did I am sure.  

Maritha O.


Love the product... 

Kevin T.


We have had flawless service from our Berkey Light now for a couple of years and even just replaced the filters for peace-of-mind... 

Elton T.


I just wanted to let you know that after two years, I still love my Berkey. Last year, I made the mistake of ordering an atmospheric water generator. I wasted a lot of money on it, and the company that I bought it from was pure hell to deal with. I can't use it during the winter since there isn't enough humidity...So, I'm still using my Berkey! And, the times that I dealt with your company, everyone was so nice, and very professional. Most likely, I'll be placing another order for filters this year! 

Laura V.


We have purchased 2 Berkeys from...One Royal and one plastic (co-polyester). We love them... 

Lee N.


I used one of your filters some years ago in the Peace Corps and currently have one in my home in the event that there is a lack of clean drinking water and would use nothing else. 

Kris R.


I would like to thank you for your wonderful water filtration systems. I live in New Mexico and have had health issues for a while and have been very concerned about the water I am drinking and putting in my food because of the chemicals out there in the water supply. Instead of cleaning the water they dump more chemicals into it and sometimes the water even is foaming when I turn on the tap. I love not having to buy water and lug it home. The Berkey is paying for itself in every way. Thank you for all of your dedicated employees who have helped me set up my system and thank you for staying an American company that believes in Christian and American values and lives by the values.e 

Arlene W.

New Mexico 

Thank you very much for your "old fashion" wonderful response.The world would be a much nicer place if every business responded like yours. I always tell people about your filters, they are the best. 

Rick L.


The tap water here is fine to drink, but it tastes awful as all the water here is desalinated from sea water. The water out of the Berkey filter tastes a million times better, and will eventually save money on buying the huge bottles of water that we all have been buying here. Thanks for all your help. 

Jude H.

Dubai, U.A.E. 

I got my Berkey filter recently and am very happy with the purchase. It's very well made and is exactly as described. 

Jack B.


Just to let you know, my Travel Berkey system is one of the best investments I've ever made. I am set up to drain and store a doz. gallons a week... it is effortless. The water is smooth, with no chemical bite. My plants out on the balcony love it, too. They, flourish. I'm sure they think it's rain water.  

Ralph S.


Thank you so much. Your company has surpassed my expectations and earned a loyal customer. 

Rob M.


Berkey sure has prompt and effective no nonsense customer service. 

Hugh C.

Ontario, Canada 

Oh yes, the water does taste great; we love it. Thank you. 

Larry W. husband and I are missionaries to Liberia West Arica. We know first hand the incredible importance of clean water...we stayed at another missionaries house and they had one of your filters. We were impressed with the high quality your filters survivd in liberia that is a miracle in and of itself. Before returning to liberia we wanted to purchase your fine product My husband called and spoke to your kind and helpful staff...Since the birth of our daughter...we are muich more careful - you have provided us with safe affordable water. Thank you. God Bless. 

Ben, Natalie & Annie C.

Liberia, West Africa 

Filter is installed First water tested Taste wonderful We are glad have been making this decision to order this filters Also the costs for the filter with the shipping to Europe were ok and worth the result Much thanks and best regards 

Edith W.


Thank you so much for your donations in the past to Amani Baby Cottage and to Reaching Hands Mission to Uganda. It has greatly helped us and saved us many dollars in buying bottled water and tastes much better than boiling the water. 

Siouxanne M.


ok I have heard about this Berkey Light and it's "cousins" for a long time and now that I have one, it is amazing. I put the red food color in it too and it is gone when the water reaches the bottom. I had a test strip for a RO set up that I never installed, so I put that in a cup and waited. It shows nothing. no color change on the strip. It is a very nice design. 

Joe M.


Hey, Judy! You guys have the BEST customer service IN THE WORLD!!! 



I bought my third set of the black filters & the fluoride filters about a month ago. I would have bought everything you had if I had the money so I could supply all my friends, neighbors and loved ones! So I also wanted to thank you for a job well done, the water tastes absolutely wonderful and I appreciate the fact that you were there for me. 

Steven S.


I have a Big Berkey at home, and love it. Water never tasted so good. Thank you very much. 

Una H.



Ernie H.


Hey Adam THANKS !!! looking good. just to let you know how i get feedback from customers and they are SOOO happy when they get their filters ... not only is it a world class product BUT as you know they consider it one of the most important things they own ... have a great weekend...  

James McCanney


I have bought 3 Berkeys and several other attachments and love them. We don’t have them up here in Canada.  

Melody T.

British Columbia, Canada 

We appreciate you and everything you've done for us. You, your team and the Berkey certainly make the world a better place. 

Jody G.


I bought a Berkey Light a few months ago after hearing about your products...It's really a super product and something more people should own even if it's only for emergency use. I love the Sport berkey's too and those are really necessities for foreign travel and camping. 

Ron L.


Our company recently purchased a few Berkey Water systems from your company - one for our office and then others for the personal use of our staff. In short, we love the product... 

Jennifer B.

British Columbia, Canada 

I use Oklahoma City's water supply, and the taste difference the Berkey filters created is truly amazing. Really makes me wonder what is in the water supply here! 

David G.


I have had my berkey since 2005... 

John J.

North Carolina 

Adam: Besides being a very bright, and professional individual, you are generous and understanding. I'm sincerely hoping that the new Berkey Light will be what every health professional wants. 

Maria A.


We are a dealor of Berkey water filters and love your product... 



I love my Imperial Berkey... 

Brandy M.


Water is absolutely the very best I have ever tasted! Have drank it right from the rock and Berkey beats it. Thanks for a Great Product.  



I have a Big Berkey, and love it... 

Rhonda T.


I just dug a well on my property in Costa Rica. Berkey was there for my first drink!!! 

Billy B.

Costa Rica 

In response to your e-mail regarding our Berkey water filter...thank you very much for helping us. You have been very profressional and we appreciate it. 

Denise H.


I got my Berkey system and set it up pretty quickly, it went together very easily. I wanted to test it before I used it, I didn't have food coloring, so I dumped in some grape Koolaid. It tinted the water a pretty purple color with a definate grape scent. The water that came out was clean, clear and no grape scent or flavor at all. Once satisfied that both filters worked, I dumped out the grape water from the top and refilled it with water. It works like a charm, my husband is even impressed, that is difficult to do! When he tasted the water that came out, he wanted to know where the grape went... :) I am telling everyone I know about your water filter system, I posted it on my blog, I intend on spreading the word about this wonderful device. 

Wretha S.


Hey Adam THANKS !!! looking good. just to let you know how i get feedback from customers and they are SOOO happy when they get their filters ... not only is it a world class product BUT as you know they consider it one of the most important things they own ... have a great weekend... 

James McCanney


Wow.. this was a very quick response. I am impressed. Thank you very much for the information... 

Jane T.


...I told (my friend) that my customer service with New Millennium Concepts gets a big fat A+. I’m planning on ordering some fluoride filters to go with my Berkey sometime this week! 

Laura V.

Ontario, Canada 

I'm very pleased with the simplicity, speed, efficiency and savings of this filter! Many "Thanks!"...I have recommended you to others. 

Ken W.


I recently purchased a Big Berkey for my home and set it up, it works great... 



...we LOVE the Berkey! 

Chris H.


Wow now that is personal service!  

Katy K.

North Dakota 

Well we have our Berkey Light for about a week and, WOW we never knew what clean water tasted like! The unit is easy to assemble and performs as promised. We love our new Berkey and tell all our friends and family to get one too. Thank You again,  

Nancy C.

New York 

...thanks again. My family & I appreciate your company's products. We plan to do business with Berkey®, again & again. We truly love your products, as do many others, who seek to filter their tap-water. 

Chad S.


Thank you. This will make me a customer for life! 



I have had your Berkey Light in my home for over two years. I get compliments on the water I give to friends and family. They say "It is the best and cleanest water they have ever tasted." I will be a life long customer and user of your great product. Keep up the great work in protecting our water supply for safe drinking. 

Robert S.

Ontario, Canada 

Thank you for your great service. As I live in Australia I wasn't expecting my new Big Berkey filter system to arrive for at least a month. I was very surprised when it only too a week after placing the order and it had arrived. I have two small children and now I know they'll be drinking clean water. So I thank you again for a great product and great service and I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future and recommending your products to my family and friends as well. 

Paul M.


Seven of us men went to the mountains of Kenya and Uganda as the first group of missionaries in 63 years. We were there for 14 days and managed to not only build a church with only $400, but taught them about Jesus Christ as well. Before we left on our trip, we were told to not drink the water or eat the native foods. We took a Travel Berkey, some Berkey Sport Bottles, and clove tablets to help digest the food we ate. We drank the water, after filtering it through our Berkey's, and ate the same food the natives were eating and no one became ill. We firmly believe we stayed in such good health because of our Berkey system. 

Bruce P.


I received the system that I ordered in about a week and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with it. I was paying about$15 US every week for water that was nowhere near the quality of the water that I am now drinking. You can actually see the difference and the taste is excellent. I now know that all you have advertised is true. The bottled water that I had been drinking varied in quality from bottle to bottle and now it is consistently great. I trust my Berkey much more than bottled because I can see and taste the difference. Thank you for such great service and will give you a recommendation for anyone that ever asks for it. Y'all are simply the best!!!!  

Daniel H.

Columbia, SA 

...your products have been an absolute dream and a life saver. We love everything we have gotten from you. My wife even pours her bottled water into one of the sport bottles. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about your company and products and pass on your info and website as often as we can. I will also more than likely be buying my family water filters for Christmas this year. The water where they live is absolutely terrible.

Cody S.


Thank you very much for all your help. You and your staff have been very polite and encouraging. 



extremley nice to know there are folks like you out there. 



Thank you! We just got our Berkey Lights yesterday, great product. It's amazing, the water in the top is a yellowish yuck and the bottom is crystal clear! Thanks again! 

Michael L.


I bought a Berkey Light preparedness kit...and everything was there except for a few small washers. I gave you a call, and you were exceptionally helpful! I've never been so pleased with the level of service from a company! I called you Friday, and received the package in the mail Monday with my washers. Wow! THAT'S service! I'd just like to thank you Debbie for your friendly, quick resolution to my problem. I am a happy Berkey customer, glad to share my positive experience with New Millennium Concepts with my friends and family. Again, thank you for everything! 



Thanks for ALL your help and for answering ALL my questions. You are a pleasure to do business with and I will surely pass the word on to my friends. 



...our drinks taste great now, I am convinced that we are being doped with sodium fluoride here in England! 



I look forward to raising a glass of pure, clear water in your honor.... ;-) I can hardly wait... 

Chad I.


Your information is precise and very much appreciated. Thank You for your Time. 

John C.


I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love the Berkey filter. We even upgraded to the Royal Berkey after using Berkey Light for years. We've passed on our Berkey Light to family & they love it too. Recently, I added blue food dye to the filter & amazed everyone when the water came out crystal clear. Thanks for having this great product! In the world we live in with everything that we have to worry about; it's nice to know that we at least have good water. 



Looking forward to my product for daily use in having clean water, not city water. Easy to order, worked easy on internet.  

Jeannie S.


Adam, Thanks for the reply and helpful info. Just bought a KDF shower filter recently...and wanted to find out what your thoughts were on faucet filters. Needless to say, you gave me plenty to ponder :) Love the site and everything your doing btw. Thanks again... 

Bryan W.


i want to say that your customer service is as great as your products. thank you from a very satisfied custumer.  

Ryan B.


Great Product, Great Seller, Rediculously Fast Shipment! 



My order arrived yesterday and I got it set up already. Nice stuff. Thanks. 

Vincent P.


I have been using the big berkey for several years now and I love it. 

John F.


Thank you for the special you gave for the Berkey water filter and accessories!! We truly appreciate your support of us as we head out to Uganda following God's call to serve him there. It's great to know there are such businesses as Berkey so supportive of missions and the expansion of God's kingdom. We will be sure to keep you informed...  

Angie & Family


Thank you so much Adam for taking the time to reply. It tells me much about both you and your company! You were very helpful and I love the Big Berkey! May you and yours have a blessed holiday and new year that is filled with joy! 

Dan S.


My order got here today and is working fine, thanks so much for the quick delivery. Peace. 

Tom H.


I purchased a Berkey Light system from you a while back and let me say that I absolutely love it... 

Linda Y.


I have recieved the replacment filter and thank you. I'd also like to thank you for the prompt and courteous service that I have recieved from your company. 



I purchase a Big Berkey some time ago from you. It’s running just fine and the water tastes great. 

Jacob L.


We have recently researeched and purchased a Berkey light water filter and are very pleased with it... 

Paul & Nancy M.


We have had our Big Berkey SS4x4 for 6 years now and have been very satisfied. 

Karen H.


Several of my friends in your area have bought Berkey units from you and we will consider one also. 

George B.


I am the missionary in Uganda...It is a relief to not have to boil water (boatloads of it) all the time. It is a comfort to know we are biologically and chemically safe at least with regards to our drinking water. God is using us here and He has given us incredible grace and mercy. He provides for us in ways we cannot even imagine...  




David S.


We absolutely love the water after it's been filtered by your product. 

Shawn B.


Thanks again Jim. Your customer service is excellent! 



I got the Sports Bottle! I can't put the bottle down. It tastes too good. I've never had water that went down so smoothly! 

Kyle C.


We just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service and product. We received our Berkey Light in record time - we were amazed at how quickly it got here! The BL is a wonderful filter and we are so happy to be drinking water now that doesn't taste and smell like swimming pool water and that's free from all the garbage that is in other water. Thank you again for answering all our questions and for being so helpful. We will definitely recommend the BL and New Millennium to all our friends and family. We will shop from your website for any additional filter products. Thank you again!! 

Sharon and Nat T.


We are very happy with the filtered water; it is so much better than the bottled water we were buying previously. Thanks again. 

Jenny S.


I got my Berkey Light today, thank you very much! I must say, the water taste is FANTASTIC!!!! Even my morning coffee tastes better!! Thank you thank you!!! :) 

Ken S.


I would love to sample your products. For years I simply take my 7 5-gallon containers to the machines and fill them up. I'm not happy about fluoride in my water.  


Berkey is doin‚ tastin‚ water ever! Thank you Jim and God Bless 



I live in Great Britain and have recently been made aware of your products via radio shows on the GCN network. I am very interested in purchasing some of your products particularly your Big Berkey, Sport Berkey and Shower Filter. 

Gary T.

Great Britain 

I am very excited to have received my Berkey Light water filter and I also received a sports bottle. I am delighted with the Products and also with the prompt response from your company! I will encourage others to get a filter too. Thank you.  

Jonathan M.


I want to tell you that I absolutely love my Berkey light water filtration system. I can't live without it. I have compared it to every water filter I can find, as well as had almost everyone who comes in to my house try up to 10 different types of bottled, filtered, and tap waters in a blind taste test and every single time they choose the Berkey light water. I admit I was hesitant to buy off the net, but I took the chance and I am so glad I did. It is an even better product than I had imagined. I really can not live without it. The rotting potato smell and nasty tastes are all gone. I have never drunk so much water in my life as I have in the past 6 months or so since I have had it. I'm really excited about trying the PF2 elements with it and seeing if they make it even better. 

Mike G.

Ontario, Canada 

Thank you for your detailed and polite response. I plan on getting 1 of your models asap. As part of my dd (due diligence) for ordering online products for the first time, I always send an email to see if: 1) it gets responded to timely 2) the questions get answered Trust me, I am not wasting your time. With all the products available, some sellers only want the bucks and could care less for support/customer service. When a non-customer email gets readily answered, I have found from experience that 9 times out of 10 the company has the happiness of the customer and solving any problems as a priority. You passed with a 10 out of 10. 

Shasta L.


Just six short days ago from today's date, I ordered a 3 Gal. Berkey water filter from you. It arrived yesterday afternoon and I had it assembled and working in a little less than one hour. I woke up this morning to THREE GALLONS of perfectly clean and wonderful pure water with no trace of that piquant AQUARIUM taste I have grown so familiar with over the last three years or so. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Your product is superb, and I mean that with absolutely no reservation what-so-ever, as is also your service. 

David N.


I received my Berkey Light water filter yesterday and I love it! Thank you very much. By the way, I was never a water drinker in the past, but in the last few days of using your product I have become a water addict. Keep up the good work. 

Dustin T.


I received my order and I want to thank you. Thanks to your Berkey, we now have the clearest and best tasting water we have ever had here. From our experience in what we have used in treating our water this is the best. We have bought many water filters in the past but the Berkey seems to be the best. Thanks again.  



I just wanted to thank-you so much for making your filters available to us, missionaries. Clean water is always a great concern to most who live overseas. We have ministered in Brazil, now we are headed for Africa. Thank you for your part in our lives. God bless you. All the best. 

Brian W.


The very first class I teach in the Missionary Technology Course is the importance of water filtration! We want to keep them healthy and on the field. We want to thank you so much for the tremendous help you have been to us and to our missionaries serving all over the world. It is such a blessing to have such a good source to get our water filters. We appreciate your heart for missionaries and their needs. 

Tim & Chris S.


I just got off the phone with Debbie (sales) and had one of the nicest purchase experiences ever. Thanks Debbie!  

Jesus G.


We received your water filters and thank you ever so much. They work great! We will continue to refer friends to your company.  

Roger & Nancy D. 

We love our new water filters! Thank you so much. Also, we really appreciate the Sport Bottle. It is so handy for our guys who work at the ranch. Thanks for everything.  

Rowina L.