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High lead levels detected in Travis County drinking waters

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Lead in drinking water: it’s dangerous and it has been found in Travis County drinking water systems multiple times in the past several years, according to state records. View full article. Our Black Berkey Purification Elements remove lead.

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Williamson Co. customers not notified of water contaminant for months

Williamson County, Texas (KXAN) — When Carla Wayman opened her water bill earlier this year, she found an alarming notice: her water utility’s system had a violation for TTHM (total trihalomethanes), chemicals that can cause liver and kidney damage and increase the risk of cancer.View full article. Black Berkey PurifIcation Elements, the leader in gravity-fed water purification.

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Well users start testing their water, too

Even people on private wells have stopped blindly trusting their water.A flurry of residents have brought in water samples to local labs to make sure their water is safe, after worrisome reports in municipal water elsewhere.View full article.View the most powerful gravity-fed elements.

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New Store Locator

We want to announce a new feature on our website. We now have a Store Locator that provides a list of physical stores in your area. Please note that this feature is in the test phase. We welcome your feedback! Please search your local store and let us know how your experience was. [...]

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Hear the Watchmen Conference

Come see us today and tomorrow at The Watchmen Conference at the Grapevine Hilton DFW Airport Lakes. We'll be at the Berkey booth all day! Hear great speakers from around the country talk about how to prepare both physically and spiritually for the times ahead. Get details at

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PF-2s Are Back in Stock!

Our PF-2 (Fluoride Filters) are back in stock. For information about the PF-2, please view the product page. 

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Out of Stock of PF-2s (Fluoride Filters)

We are currently out of stock on our Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements (PF-2s). We expect to be back in stock within the next 5 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-803-4438.

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AP-GfK Poll: About half of Americans confident in tap water

Only about half of Americans are very confident in the safety of their tap water, and a majority think lead contamination of the tap water in Flint, Michigan, indicates a more widespread problem, rather than an isolated problem. Lower-income Americans and those from minority groups are especially likely to worry about their water being contaminated, [...]

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Hear The Watchmen Conference

NMCL is proud to sponsor the 2016 Hear The Watchmen Conference on March 18th and 19th at the Hilton DFW Airport Lakes in Grapevine, TX. Please come see us at the Berkey booth!

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Berkey Shower Filters Back in Stock

We now have Berkey Shower Filters without the massage head back in stock. To purchase a Shower Filter, click here.

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