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Animas River: Tests show water acidic as coffee

A surge of heavy metals-laced waste leaking from the Gold King and possibly other mines in southwestern Colorado raised the acidity of Animas River headwaters to the strength of black coffee, according to early testing results.To view entire article, click here.To view our Black Berkey Purification Element test results, click here.To purchase our Black Berkey Purification Elements, click [...]

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Broward boil-water alert to stay in place through much of today

A boil-water notice that has caused hassles across much of eastern Broward County will last at least through Tuesday afternoon, according to the city of Fort Lauderdale.To view full article, click here. Consider purchasing our Black Berkey Purification Elements. Click here for more information. 

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ALERT: Louisburg residents need to boil drinking water

Sacha Montgomery, village clerk and water operator, announced the village had been repairing flush valves when a line break occured. Residents were without water most of Monday, Aug. 3.To see more information, click hereTo purchase your set of Black Berkey™ Purification Elements, click here.

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Brain-eating amoeba confirmed at Louisiana water sampling site

Louisiana health officials have confirmed the presence of an amoeba at a leaking sample station in the St. Bernard Parish water system, CBS New Orleans affiliate WWL reports.To view full article, click here.To purchase the Berkey Shower Filter, click here. 

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Laughlin residents advised to boil tap water after flood

Laughlin residents have been told to boil their tap water before drinking or cooking with it after flash flooding Friday washed dirt and mud into the community‘s water supply.To view full article, click here.Please consider purchasing a Berkey Light to ensure safe and healthy drinking water.

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Holiday Hours

In observance of Independence Day, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd will be closed on Monday, July 6, 2015.

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Texas cyclospora cases reach 80

The number of cyclospora cases in Texas grew by another ten cases, bringing the state total to 80 as of June 29. This includes 68 cases reported during the past two weeks.To view full article, click here.To purchase a set of Black Berkey Purification Elements, click here.

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Niagara Bottled Water Recalls Products Under Several Brand Names Due To E. Coli Concerns

If you’ve got bottled water in the fridge or pantry, you might want to check if it’s included in a recent recall of several brands under the Niagara umbrella, after the company issued a voluntary recall for all spring water products produced from its Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities between June 10-18.To read full article, click here.To purchase [...]

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Why You Should Never Drink from a Garden Hose

Summertime is just around the corner, which means days outside gardening, running through the sprinkler, and a nice cold drink of water from…not your garden hose. At least, not unless you want to choke down a cocktail of heavy metals and plasticizers, according to new testing from from, a project of the Michigan-based Ecology Center.To [...]

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Greensboro water sampling tests positive for E.coli

On Wednesday morning, a water sample from a station located at Bessemer Avenue and Huffine Mill Road tested positive for E.coli.That area’s water system has been isolated from the city’s system and temporary water lines were built to redirect water to 2 schools and 13 homes in the 900 block of Huffine Mill Road.To view [...]

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