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​Special Offer For Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey - Sport Berkey® Bottle

Have you or a loved one’s water been affected by Hurricane Harvey?The 22 oz. Sport Berkey® bottle can filter water in normal environments as well as raw, untreated water during an emergency. It’s a durable, convenient and handy water survival tool when accessible drinking water becomes urgent. One Sport Berkey® bottle provides up to 160 refills using raw and untreated [...]

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Special Offer For Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey - Berkey® Systems

Have you or a loved one’s water been affected by Hurricane Harvey?In situations where your water system has been temporarily compromised, Berkey® systems shine. Not only do the Black Berkey® Purification Elements purify water in normal environments, they can even purify raw, untreated water during an emergency.For a limited time, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is [...]

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A Look at Boil Orders: What to expect and how to prepare in advance

Q: What is a boil order? A: A boil order is an announcement issued by your local government or water provider declaring public tap water unsafe for consumption. Consumption includes but is not limited to drinking the water, cooking with it, using it to brush teeth, etc.1Q: What should I do during a boil order? A: [...]

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E. coli Bacteria Explained

What is E.coli? E. coli stands for Escherichia coli, a large and diverse group of bacteria that live in the lower intestines of humans and warm-blooded animals1. Most strains of E.coli are not harmful, and are actually important components of a healthy human gut. Other types of E.coli are pathogenic, meaning they can cause illness. The [...]

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Website Technical Issues

We are currently having technical issues that may not allow you to complete an online payment. If you need any assistance, please contact us at 888-803-4438. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue. Thank you.

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A Look at Radiological Water Contaminants

What are radiological water contaminants? Radiological water contaminants are undesirable radioactive substances that have entered a water supply. They are also known as radionuclides. Typical, naturally-occurring radiologicals found in drinking water include, “...isotopes of radium, uranium and radon, among others. Fission products from man-made nuclear reactions are also of concern today, particularly radioactive cesium and iodine.” 1 Naturally-Occurring [...]

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GenX in the news

GenX is the trade name for a chemical that was introduced in 2010 as a “safer” replacement for a toxic contaminant known as PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid, commonly called C8). Like its predecessor, GenX enables the production of common household products including non-stick pans, firefighting foam and water-repellent fabrics. Although few health studies are available on GenX, toxicologists say GenX is [...]

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Understanding Aging Water Infrastructure in the US

From General Manager and resident expert Adam Lock at New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.I’m going to start this off with a surprising fact: D is the current grade given for the water infrastructure in the US. This report is compiled every 4 years by the American Society of Civil Engineers. And you can read more about [...]

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"Beaches, Parks at Indiana Dunes Closed After Chemical Spill"

"Several beaches at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore were closed Tuesday after a toxic chemical called hexavalent chromium spilled into the Burns Waterway."Chromium VI is a nasty heavy metal known to have many detrimental health effects.  Believing that accidents like this one cannot happen to you is the first step towards potential disaster.  The Black Berkey® [...]

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NMCL Phones and Internet Issues

NMCL Phones and Internet IssuesOur website and phones are currently experiencing periodic interruption in service due to issues with our service provider. We are working to get the system operational again as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time. 

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