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Black Berkey Elements: The Final Barrier against Uranium and other Contaminants

When it comes to drinking water, how do you know that your water is actually safe? Who decides when water is drinkable? An article by the Las Vegas Review Journal[i] reported that the water in the Las Vegas Valley area was deemed safe according to the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act[ii]. However, this report also stated that the [...]

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Residents struggle with dirty water within town limits

WLOS — CANTON, N.C. -- People in a Canton neighborhood are living with dirty water, and they say the town isn't doing enough to fix the problem.Read more

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Homeowners question levels of lead and other heavy metals in their water

The discovery this spring of elevated levels of lead in drinking water at several Eugene School District schools and other buildings has prompted a flood of questions about the possible prevalence of lead in drinking water elsewhere in Lane County, including in tens of thousands of older homes with water pipes and fixtures that may [...]

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Newest Berkey® Systems Lead Water Test Now Available

It’s not easy to sort through all of the information about lead contamination. At Berkey® Water Systems, we want to help you get meaningful answers about the safety of your drinking water. Let’s look at what we know about lead and see how the Berkey® Extreme Lead Water Test can provide the protection you need.Why Does a [...]

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Importance of a Shower Filter

As summer moves into full swing and the temperature rises, showering will become even more imperative for staying clean after sweating in the summer heat. While showering is an important and healthy aspect of daily life, there are hazards that come with showering that most are unaware of.The municipal water that is used in your shower contains high amounts [...]

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Why You Need a Travel Water Filter

Risks for travelersIf you’re planning a trip or vacation, having access to safe drinking water can be a challenge. Tap water in many countries can contain disease causing contaminants, largely due to inadequate water treatment, sanitation and hygiene. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that international travelers consider “portable hand-pump or gravity-drip filters with various designs and types of filter media. “(1) [...]

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Out of Go Berkey Kits

We are currently out of stock of the Go Berkey Kits. We will have Go Berkey Kits available in the fall. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 888-803-4438.

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E. Coli Found In Uxbridge Drinking Water; Boil Order Issued

Uxbridge authorities are urging residents to boil their water before use after a positive E. coli test.The town says it learned Saturday that a sample of Uxbridge Department of Public Works water tested positive for E. coli on Friday.Read full articleLearn more about what else the Black Berkey® Purification Elements can filter.Our Black Berkey® Purification Elements are rated to [...]

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Philadelphia water department faces class action lawsuit over water testing

The Philadelphia water department, accused by some experts of having water testing “worse than Flint”, is facing a class action lawsuit and a lead-testing campaign mounted by citizens concerned about water quality.Read full article Our Black Berkey Purification Elements efficiently remove lead up to 99.9% reduction

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Holiday Closing

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. will be closed on 05/30/2015 in observance of Memorial Day.

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