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Counterfeits and Lookalikes

WARNING: Berkey® Water Systems strongly advises customers to purchase only authentic Berkey® products from authorized Berkey® dealers. There is no substitute for Berkey® quality.

Counterfeit and lookalike products may appear on marketplace sites hosted by companies such as Amazon, eBay and similar marketplaces. They may also be sold on their own brand websites. 

Imported knockoff and lookalike brands often use the well-known and trusted Berkey® name to legitimize their own brand, create confusion in the marketplace and entice consumers to buy their cheap carbon filters and other lookalike parts and products.

Purchasing counterfeit or lookalike products is a dangerous miscalculation that could have serious consequences for the well-being of your loved ones. Don’t put your family’s health at risk—buy only authentic Black Berkey® Elements, which are backed by independent, third-party testing.

And while New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. proudly stands behind our Berkey® products, be aware that the use of counterfeit and lookalike filters is not covered by NMCL’s warranty or return policy, and voids your Berkey® system’s warranty.

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