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Notice of Unauthorized Dealers

Review lists: Unauthorized Dealers on Ebay | Unauthorized Dealers on Amazon | Other Unauthorized Dealers

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. is committed to responsible business practices based on quality, integrity and fairness. We distribute our products exclusively through a network of authorized Berkey® dealers.

These authorized Berkey® dealers are in turn able to provide this standard of excellence to customers purchasing our products. When you buy from an authorized Berkey® dealer, you can be assured that you are receiving a genuine Berkey® product and not one that is counterfeit or has been used or altered. In addition, only authorized Berkey® dealers have committed to receive ongoing product and sales dedicated support, thus ensuring that you receive knowledgeable customer service both before and after your purchase.

To maintain these standards, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. Warranty Protection will only be provided for Berkey® products purchased from an authorized Berkey® dealer. Any Berkey® product purchased from a non-authorized dealer will not be covered under the New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. Warranty. Please note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a marketplace site, hosted by companies such as Amazon, EBay and similar marketplaces. When purchasing on these marketplace sites, you should always confirm that the reseller is an authorized Berkey® dealer.

It is fully your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the retailer you purchase from is an authorized Berkey® dealer.

Above you will find links listing non-authorized Berkey® dealers that we have identified. They are not a complete lists. However, we will make our best effort to keep unauthorized dealer information updated to aid you, the customer, in selecting only authorized Berkey® dealers.

Please contact us by phone at 888-803-4438 if you need assistance obtaining an authorized dealer or need confirmation that a dealer is authorized.