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Dealer Return Policy


To provide a consistent customer experience and help reduce costs associated with processing product returns and warranty claims, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (“NMCL”) has developed a new Dealer Warranty and Returns Policy, effective immediately:


If your customer has a product they believe qualifies for exchange per the NMCL Warranty, they must abide by the following Retail Customer Return Policy.

Dealers should refer the customer to the page.

Dealers cannot replace qualifying products under Warranty for customers and/or issue an RMA to NMCL on the customer’s behalf and expect compensation or replacements. Dealers in the USA that replace Warrantied products on their own, rather than directing customers to use the NMCL Warranty process, do so at their own expense and cannot be compensated.

If you would like a monthly report of warranty claims RMAs submitted from your customers, please contact your Account Manager.

INTERNATIONAL DEALERS (*including Alaska & Hawaii)- See expanded section below.

SMALL PARTS (Lower 48 states)

Small Parts Request Form

For Product in Customer's Posession:

If your customer receives an order with missing or damaged small parts (washers, wingnuts, blocking plugs, etc.), you may fill out the Small Parts Request Form and NMCL will ship the replacement parts to your customer. All items considered “Small Parts” are listed on the form linked above.

Order fulfillment is subject to approval. Requests for exchanges will be denied. If approved, the requested small parts will be shipped directly to the end customer. You will be provided with a tracking number via the email associated with your account.


  • Small parts requested must be damaged or missing from customer's original order
  • Small parts will be shipped directly to the customer
  • You are required to provide a copy of the customer's invoice 
  • These replacement small parts are intended for use by the customer and may not be used for your business or stocking purposes 

For Product in Your Inventory

If you have a product with missing or damaged small parts in your own inventory (that has not been shipped to or returned from customer), you may submit an RMA through your Dealer account on



Please thoroughly inspect all shipments at time of delivery. Document any damage or missing items on the bill of lading you are signing with the freight carrier delivering your order. If you receive order shipments that are incorrect, missing items or damaged in transit, you may request replacements at no cost within 10 business days from the date of product delivery. We will send you a postage label to send any damaged or incorrect item(s) back to us. You will be responsible for shipping RMAs back to us after the 10 business days.

Any RMAs for missing or damaged product submitted after 10 business days may not be approved, as that we as the shipper have a short window of time to submit claims to freight carriers that may be responsible for damages or missing items.   


All refunds for customers must be processed through the Authorized Berkey® Dealer they purchased through. NMCL will never refund a customer directly. If a customer contacts NMCL for a refund, they will be directed to the Dealer they purchased from. Refunding customers is at the Dealer’s discretion, per the Refund Policy of their own company. NMCL does not accept returns (RMAs) for buyer’s remorse.


If your customer returns a product through Amazon for a refund, NMCL is not liable for the product. NMCL will not accept RMAs for product returned from Amazon to the Dealer.  

Consumers that buy product on Amazon must contact NMCL directly for Warranty claims. NMCL will use the customer’s invoice as proof of purchase, and exchange an item per warranty if necessary.

Ebay, Amazon and other Marketplaces:
Dealers are encouraged to troubleshoot with their customers. However, if the customer has a product that needs to be exchanged via the Limited Warranty of that product, the customer must do so directly through NMCL.

You, the Dealer, will need to direct these customers to the webpage to request a Warranty Claim. There is also a section for Troubleshooting purposes.


RMA requests will ship separately for tracking purposes and cannot be combined with other orders Dealers may have that are currently Awaiting Fulfillment.

If you request that the RMA be included in shipment with an existing order, your request will be denied without notification, and shipped as a separate order with its own tracking number. This is applicable to domestic and international customers—no exceptions.



Dealers are responsible for all upgrade requests from their own customers. NMCL cannot process upgrades for consumers; any consumer contacting NMCL will be referred back to the Dealer they purchased from. If you customer contacts you requesting this action, please refer below.

If a customer contacts you to request a product upgrade or for replacement of products ordered incorrectly can only be submitted if the product is unused and in new condition—including original packaging. Dealer is responsible for all shipping costs and a 20% Restock Fee will apply. The returned product will be verified by our Returns Department and RMA requests will only be approved after we receive confirmation from our Returns Department.

To exchange a product, you must submit an RMA for Store Credit only—we do not offer refunds. Once the product is received by our Returns Department, it will be examined to ensure it is unused and in new condition. Once it is verified to be in new condition, NMCL will add store credit to YOUR account for the cost of the product less the 20% Restocking Fee; please allow three to five days for Store Credit to appear in your account. If the product received is used or damaged by the customer, the product will not be eligible for a Store Credit. Condition of product is determined at NMCL’s sole discretion. If the product does not appear to be in new condition, NMCL can ship the product back to your customer or ship to you for you a $10 processing fee and the appropriate shipping fee.

It is the Dealer's responsibility to place a new order for their customer.



International Authorized Berkey® Dealers (“IABD”) are responsible for processing warranties for their customers. It is suggested that IABD troubleshoot with your customers or direct them to use the Troubleshooting Quiz on the to help identify your customer’s product issues.

If it is determined that your customer’s product needs to be replaced per the appropriate warranty, you are permitted to submit an RMA requesting that we send the replacement direct to your customer, or you can replace it from your own inventory. If you decide to replace it for your customer, NMCL will provide you with a Store Credit to your account for the damaged warrantied product. To process an RMA for your customer, log in to your account on

Replacing warrantied product from your own inventory

  1. Submit an RMA.

  2. Send your Account Manager the RMA reference number, proof of purchase as well as photos showing damaged items (if applicable).

  3. Once the RMA has been authorized by the Returns Department, you will be instructed to destroy the product and provide a photo as evidence. DO NOT destroy the product unless you have received instructions to do so. If the RMA is not authorized and you destroy the product, you will not be reimbursed for the product.

  4. You may replace the product to your customer once the RMA has been authorized. If you replace it and the RMA is denied, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of product.

An item being “destroyed” means it is damaged or broken to the point that it becomes inoperable and cannot be used or resold again.

After instructed to destroy product, if it is a set of BB9-2s, you will need to break them or smash them with a hammer or similar tool. Breaking the stems will not be considered as destroying the elements. The charcoal portion, or middle section, must be broken in half.

If it is for a bottom and or upper chamber, you will need to smash the stainless steel  with a hammer or similar tool. See below for photo examples.


Replacing warrantied product from NMCL’s inventory


  1. Submit the RMA. Be sure to provide your customer’s full shipping address, phone number and email address. Please check address for accuracy.  

  2. Send the proof of purchase and photos showing the damaged items (if applicable) to your Account Manager. Be sure to include the RMA reference number.

  3. Once the RMA has been authorized by the Returns Department, you will be instructed to destroy the product. Once destroyed, you will need to provide photos to your Account Manager. DO NOT destroy the product unless you have received instructions to do so.

  4. After the RMA has been authorized, proof of purchase received, photos showing original damage and photos showing the destroyed product are received, we will create an order to send the replacements to your customer directly.

IMPORTANT: Any duties or taxes that may be owed at Customs will be the receiver’s responsibility.

Note: NMCL will never be responsible for duties or taxes owed at Customs.



If your customer has received a product with missing or damaged small parts, we request that you replace these items from your own inventory - which we will supply to you at no cost. Please contact your Account Manager to obtain a complementary Small Parts Kit containing Element Wingnuts, Washers and Priming Buttons.

In addition, please save and send your Account Manager your receipts (monthly) on shipping costs you incurred sending replacement items to your customers. and NMCL will reimburse you via Store Credit on your account. Reimbursements will be paid on standard ground shipping only.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dealer Small Part Request form is no longer available and has been disabled.


Example photos of how to destroy product—but ONLY IF you have been instructed to do so.
Properly destroyed BB-9 Black Berkey® Purification Elements
Properly destroyed Berkey PF-2™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements
Properly destroyed stainless steel chamber